Why some big men don't like the nickname-BHM


We had talked something about BBW before. That's right, it refers to those Big Beautiful Women. But today, we are going to talk something about BHM. BHM means Big Handsome Men, and also those men belong to BBW community. Among these big men, some of them are full of muscles, they are satisfied with their figures. While others are really overweight or even have some obesity disease. So, under this kind of situation, they don't want to be called BHM . Here are some reasons about it as follows.

First of all, those people look very fat but they don't have muscles as those "muscle men". So, they feel very uneasy if someone called them BHM when they stay with "muscle men". Secondly, they feel a little bit ashamed about this nickname. Because in our modern daily life, most people like to communicate and play with those slim and sexy people rether than stay with some fat people sometimes. So, they always afraid that whether they can join in others' talk or not. As a result, they feel like they are different from others and feel very uncomfortable when they heard this nickname. Thirdly, as a matter of fact, for most people, if they have balanced and healthy lifestyles, it is not difficult for them to lose weight and keep good figures. But for those BHM, they don't think their obesities are caused by lazy lifestyles. So, if you ask them to do something about changing their lifestyles, it may make them feel unhappy sometimes. Fourthly, those big men do not want to be a member of BBW community. They don't like to be regared as the same type of them, they don't agree with them on some ideas and so on. Anyway, they refused to interact with BBW sometimes. But in my opinion, BHW should open their minds to BBW hookup, try to interact with them, and they may become good friends finally. Because their figures are alomost the same, they may have many common topics to talk with each other. Last but not least, they're worry about that they cannot find their partners because of their fat figures. But i want to say, there are some girls who prefer BBW dating big men, it will bring them the sense of security. So, don't always think things negatively and try to think something positively.

In conclusion, many big handsome men don't like this nickname-BHM, but i think they can change their attitudes towards it from these reasons i have mentioned if they want to feel better about themselves.