Some blogs about plus size people and plus size dating


Nowadays, with the development of our modern technology, more and more people begin to use Internert in their daily lives. And at the same time, blogging is catching on, lots of people would like to express their ideas on the blogs today. That is a good thing for people i think. But on the other hand, there are some fat people, who dare not share their life moments with others sometimes and are ashamed to tell others their plus size. This is a big confusion for those plus size people actually. Here, i would like to introduce some good blogs to you which focused on plus size people and plus size dating.

The first blog is Plus-Size Princess, the owner of this blog is Cece, a Nigerian girl. From her blog, you can see many kinds of things about BBW(including the happiness and sadness, and i think that is the true life of a person). And what's more, you will find that her blog is full of fashion and enthusiasm, i believe most of you would like to see. If so, you just go to her blog at The second blog is Big Curvy Love, which was built up by Kelly Glover, she is going to tell you how to find your own price and value, and also, you can learn something about how to seek for a partner from her blog. If you want to know more details, you can check The third blog is Daily Venus Diva, it concluds various kinds of fashionable news for those BBW. And if you are not a member of BBW, but you want to find the passion of your life, you can still go to have a look. Finally, please check The fourth one is Confessions of a Fat Girl, whose ower lives in Los Angeles. She often talks something positively and you may know how to get along well with those BBW after watching her blog. You can check Fifthly, BBW Dating a Skinny Guy. Actually, this blog is very popular about how to have a hookup dating with a slim person. If you are interested in it, just check Sixthly,The Big and the Beautiful. From this blog, you will recognize how beautiful your life is and will cherish the rest of your life more. The blog is The last one is Large and Lovely. This blog is not only helpful for you to find a partner but also offer lots of imformation about BBW. So, you can search on it if needed, it's very convenient i think.

In conclusion, i think these blogs are suitable for plus size people. And i believe they can find something different which are beneficial for them from those blogs.