Why Big Beautiful Women More Popular With Black Men?


Why more and more black men like BBW dating? Is it just your fantasy or dose your figure seem to appeal to a lot of black men? You must be curious when you have noticed the phenomenon of chasing plus size women. Therefore, here are some biological reasons may explain all this.

Is it because of body shape?
In fact, It is not exactly when you think totally because of the body shape. Because there is a theory that black men more appreciate the curve of BBWs, as their bodies are more suitable with large penises than a thin woman's. However, this theory is not scientifically correct. Due to the vagina is a so elastic and flexible organ that can take a large penis. Beyond that ,there is another view that men love larger butts and breasts. Of course, a lot of men prefer the natural feel of big sized and bouncy curves and they are inexistent on skinny women. Some skinny women get implants in order to grab the attention of men. Even if they did that they never actually feel the same as naturally

Is it because of personality?
This is another extreme view because not all BBW hookup have the same personalities owing to their chubby body. Although there are some survey show that BBWs are able to generally get along with others better than skinny women, it is highly possible that many BBWs are unfriendly. So far it hasn't been proved that BBWs are "easy" just because their body shape. Generally speaking, It is more likely to a woman tend to please a man if she suddenly gets a lot of romantic attention from a man, particularly she is not popular with men in general. Surely, black men can't know this before asking.
As a matter of fact, a women with low self -esteem will more likely to please her male partner than a woman who takes the relationship for granted. However, most BBWs are full of confident. Black BBWs usually have a big beautiful figure and the high confidence levels related to their native. And both this makes many white and black men obsession with black BBWs. What's more, self-confidence compared with low self-esteem will bring about more sex. A women full of confidence just enjoy the moment and doesn't have the problem associated with self-doubt.

Here’s why black men really like big beautiful women
Now this is the point. Black men prefer big beautiful women because many of this type woman has high level of confidence. On the other hand, Black men don't mind the society's stupid standards about finding "beauty queen". These males just expect for meeting women and they prefer the bodies they look at and the personalities they meet. They are full of confidence so that they don't care about other people make fun of them or shame them.

When a man gives a BBW a chance instead of staying away from her because of social conditioning, he may be getting the best thing or even the lover of a lifetime.