Why men don’t respond to you on a BBW dating site

If you were a plus size woman, i believe you have already known that there are some men like to date with chubby women. As a result, you think you may have more chances and wish to find your real love on a BBW dating. But when you try to chat with men on a BBW dating site, you may find that only few people or even nobody will respond to you on the site. Is it the reason of your big shape? Not really i think. Actually, there are some other reasons according to this point. Now, i am going to list them to you.

The first reason is about the man himself. If the man have chated with you for few weeks and then suddenly kept silent. It is mainly due to his own confusion and hesitation, because he was not very sure about whether you are his real love or not. So, he needed more time to think it over, and just refused to respond to you. Secondly, the message you send to him is not attractive enough if there were many other women sent their messages to the man together, the result is that your message will be ignored easily. And at that time, what you have to do is trying your best to design a very special and different message to draw his attention, it may help you to be noticed by him easily. Thirdly, do not always talk some normal things, for example, you like shopping and eating dessert this kind of topics. On the contrary, you’d better talk about your interests, your achievements or your future plans. These topics will be more attractive for men i think. Fourthly, pay attention to your profile photo, and do not use the picture within so many people together as your profile photo, because the man can not recognize which one is you and you will be ignored easily as well. So, it is not a surprising thing that he will not respond to you. Last but not least, if you not type the words wisely, the man still will not respond to you. Because besides your big body shape, the wisdom of you also very important.

As a matter of fact, draw one’s attention on a BBW dating site is not an easy thing. So, you should try you best and use all kinds of means to achieve your goal. If you pay more attention to what i have mentioned, you may will succeed sooner.

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Some blogs about plus size people and plus size dating

Nowadays, with the development of our modern technology, more and more people begin to use Internert in their daily lives. And at the same time, blogging is catching on, lots of people would like to express their ideas on the blogs today. That is a good thing for people i think. But on the other hand, there are some fat people, who dare not share their life moments with others sometimes and are ashamed to tell others their plus size. This is a big confusion for those plus size people actually. Here, i would like to introduce some good blogs to you which focused on plus size people and plus size dating.

The first blog is Plus-Size Princess, the owner of this blog is Cece, a Nigerian girl. From her blog, you can see many kinds of things about BBW(including the happiness and sadness, and i think that is the true life of a person). And what’s more, you will find that her blog is full of fashion and enthusiasm, i believe most of you would like to see. If so, you just go to her blog at www.plussizeprincess.com. The second blog is Big Curvy Love, which was built up by Kelly Glover, she is going to tell you how to find your own price and value, and also, you can learn something about how to seek for a partner from her blog. If you want to know more details, you can check www.bigcurvylove.com. The third blog is Daily Venus Diva, it concluds various kinds of fashionable news for those BBW. And if you are not a member of BBW, but you want to find the passion of your life, you can still go to have a look. Finally, please check www.dailyvenusdiva.com. The fourth one is Confessions of a Fat Girl, whose ower lives in Los Angeles. She often talks something positively and you may know how to get along well with those BBW after watching her blog. You can check www.cobfessionsofafatgirl.net. Fifthly, BBW Dating a Skinny Guy. Actually, this blog is very popular about how to have a date with a slim person. If you are interested in it, just check www.fatgirldatingaskinnyguy.tumblr.com. Sixthly,The Big and the Beautiful. From this blog, you will recognize how beautiful your life is and will cherish the rest of your life more. The blog is www.thebigandthebeautiful.com. The last one is Large and Lovely. This blog is not only helpful for you to find a partner but also offer lots of imformation about BBW. So, you can search on it if needed, it’s very convenient i think.

In conclusion, i think these blogs are suitable for plus size people. And i believe they can find something different which are beneficial for them from those blogs.

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Why some big men don’t like the nickname-BHM

We had talked something about BBW before. That’s right, it refers to those Big Beautiful Women. But today, we are going to talk something about BHM. BHM means Big Handsome Men, and also those men belong to BBW community. Among these big men, some of them are full of muscles, they are satisfied with their figures. While others are really overweight or even have some obesity disease. So, under this kind of situation, they don’t want to be called BHM . Here are some reasons about it as follows.

First of all, those people look very fat but they don’t have muscles as those “muscle men”. So, they feel very uneasy if someone called them BHM when they stay with “muscle men”. Secondly, they feel a little bit ashamed about this nickname. Because in our modern daily life, most people like to communicate and play with those slim and sexy people rether than stay with some fat people sometimes. So, they always afraid that whether they can join in others’ talk or not. As a result, they feel like they are different from others and feel very uncomfortable when they heard this nickname. Thirdly, as a matter of fact, for most people, if they have balanced and healthy lifestyles, it is not difficult for them to lose weight and keep good figures. But for those BHM, they don’t think their obesities are caused by lazy lifestyles. So, if you ask them to do something about changing their lifestyles, it may make them feel unhappy sometimes. Fourthly, those big men do not want to be a member of BBW community. They don’t like to be regared as the same type of them, they don’t agree with them on some ideas and so on. Anyway, they refused to interact with BBW sometimes. But in my opinion, BHW should open their minds to BBW, try to interact with them, and they may become good friends finally. Because their figures are alomost the same, they may have many common topics to talk with each other. Last but not least, they’re worry about that they cannot find their partners because of their fat figures. But i want to say, there are some girls who prefer BBW dating big men, it will bring them the sense of security. So, don’t always think things negatively and try to think something positively.

In conclusion, many big handsome men don’t like this nickname-BHM, but i think they can change their attitudes towards it from these reasons i have mentioned if they want to feel better about themselves.

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Why Big Beautiful Women More Popular With Black Men?

Why more and more black men like BBW dating? Is it just your fantasy or dose your figure seem to appeal to a lot of black men? You must be curious when you have noticed the phenomenon of chasing plus size women. Therefore, here are some biological reasons may explain all this.

Is it because of body shape?
In fact, It is not exactly when you think totally because of the body shape. Because there is a theory that black men more appreciate the curve of BBWs, as their bodies are more suitable with large penises than a thin woman’s. However, this theory is not scientifically correct. Due to the vagina is a so elastic and flexible organ that can take a large penis. Beyond that ,there is another view that men love larger butts and breasts. Of course, a lot of men prefer the natural feel of big sized and bouncy curves and they are inexistent on skinny women. Some skinny women get implants in order to grab the attention of men. Even if they did that they never actually feel the same as naturally

Is it because of personality?
This is another extreme view because not all BBWs have the same personalities owing to their chubby body. Although there are some survey show that BBWs are able to generally get along with others better than skinny women, it is highly possible that many BBWs are unfriendly. So far it hasn’t been proved that BBWs are “easy” just because their body shape. Generally speaking, It is more likely to a woman tend to please a man if she suddenly gets a lot of romantic attention from a man, particularly she is not popular with men in general. Surely, black men can’t know this before asking.
As a matter of fact, a women with low self -esteem will more likely to please her male partner than a woman who takes the relationship for granted. However, most BBWs are full of confident. Black BBWs usually have a big beautiful figure and the high confidence levels related to their native. And both this makes many white and black men obsession with black BBWs. What’s more, self-confidence compared with low self-esteem will bring about more sex. A women full of confidence just enjoy the moment and doesn’t have the problem associated with self-doubt.

Here’s why black men really like big beautiful women
Now this is the point. Black men prefer big beautiful women because many of this type woman has high level of confidence. On the other hand, Black men don’t mind the society’s stupid standards about finding “beauty queen”. These males just expect for meeting women and they prefer the bodies they look at and the personalities they meet. They are full of confidence so that they don’t care about other people make fun of them or shame them.

When a man gives a BBW a chance instead of staying away from her because of social conditioning, he may be getting the best thing or even the lover of a lifetime.

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