Three Suggestions Helping People Have Better Performance


What will you when you are going to have a date with strangers? Will you be so nervous and will you get some preparation? Most people don’t know what they should do before they meet a stranger or during this process. Now, chatting with strangers can be harder and harder and more people would like to choose some hookup apps to know strangers and broaden our small life circle. 

A good relationship must be delevoped from online chatting to offline dating. And this step can make people have better communication skills. Here are three suggestions helping people have better performance in a date with stranger.

The first tip is not to cross the line. In other words, you should pay attention to not to ask so private thing of your partners. Janny, a 30-year-old lady who had a bad marriage before had a date with a stranger known in a hookup app. She felt offended when her partner asked about the reason why she divorced. There were Janny’s private thing and she didin’t want to mention this because it kust left her pain. 

She told me she was so upset and asked her partner to stop this topic and then, she paid the bill and left. The divorce is the line of Janny,so she felt terrible when her partners kept asking. When you are going to have a date with stranger but he/she keeps asking your fail marriage can be the worst thing in a hook up. It's not just about intimacy, it's about respect. Therefore, please don’t cross the line.

The second tip is not to judge a person easily. This is simple. With a judgement, people often complain someone. If you just complain about your work, your co-workers, your neighbors, everything you encounter. Your partner may want to stay away from you. After all, no one wants to be with a complaining person. 

Your whole body is full of negative energy, which greatly reduces your charm to your dating partner. Jony, a 35-year-old man, who just met his partners known in a hookup app ,told us he was attracted by his partner Selina. He told us Selina was full of positve energy and she seldom complaint in the dating. He liked this lovely and positive girl. Yes, when we have a first date with a stranger, we should be more positive and have less complainments.

The third tip is that we should avoid talking about our ex boyfirnd or girlfriend of your parnter’s and yours. We may have ex partners and it's stupid to pretend they don't exist. However, bringing them into your conversation on your first date can be the worst thing. 

Vicky , an office lady, had just met a hookup partner last week but she left away. She told us she was so sick of her partner as he kept talking about his ex girlfriend which would make Vicky thought he was not ready for a one night hookup or a serious relationship. Fine, it was OK to say goodbyt. Therefore, stop talking about your exs when you flirt with a stranger.

The three suggestions are good and hope all people will have a better performance in a date.