Dating tips 101: Being charming


Do you want to know how to be charming? Let me help you master the art of temptation and romance in order to find your next companion. American and British know something about social interaction. Weather, tea and que are the typical British culture stand for the clumsy ad over-polite behavior of the British people. In other words, lack of confidence, uprightness and charm is a part of the UK culture, while these characteristics can often have their usage in BBW dating.

As a matter of fact, British people are more likely to drink during hookup date. In a dark bar, alcohol is often used to ease the awkward atmosphere and awaken some confidence and charisma.

Besides from alcohol, it is not hard as you imagined to bond with the James Bond in your deep heart. Ask the experts, they would tell you that the real charm has nothing to do with the master of the surprise package, but with sympathy and an open attitude. If you want to know more, keep reading.

Dress decently. This seems obvious, but the most decisive factor to tell one’s charm is the appearance. Whether you are interested in fashion or not, what is undeniable is the way we portray ourselves to be determines the inner selves to some degree. Dressing decently in curvy dating does not mean you need to be fashionable. Just find some clothes suitable to you. Usually, keeping simple is the best way. If you are a man, you can never lose with an ironed shirt, a normal jean and a pair of clean shoes. For people who are struggling from the fashion filed, asking help from your friends are not a bad idea. A person with good taste will tell you what suit you and what should be prevented.

Be confident. If you think you are not charming enough to get a hookup, then you may have heard this advice for a thousand times. As a matter of fact, you don’t really need to be confident to seem to be confident. You just need to pretend to be. Maybe you are not at your best time, but being open and wide will give people an impression of that you have it all under control. To put it simply, sit straight.

Be interested. You may be confident about the world, but if you are not interested to your date, it will do you no good. Another tip: If you are not curious about your date, you can hardly be charming. Listen carefully and keep quite. More importantly, don’t be presumptuous, like asking some questions about some private matters, like how many exes she had.

Here is another rough instruction. If your date doesn’t mention themselves in 15 or 20 minutes, ask them a question and guide them to talk more about themselves. On the other hand, if you are asking questions, they will know it that you want to know more.